Oliver Hire has such an extensive range of specialty tools which can assist with a range of jobs. These include tile cutters, rockdrills, needle guns, Demo Saws to jackhammers and other specialized tools. Please review the table below for our full range of tools available for hire.

Biscuit cutter 3.5 days / week + tax
Biskets 3.5 to 4 mm wide
3 head air scabbler hand held
7 head air scabbler 172cfm only
Airless spray unit
Large ark welder
Large ark welder 1/2 day
Small ark welder
Small ark welder 1/2 day
Bottle jack 10ton
Bottle jack 20 tonne
3″ belt sander
4″ belt sander
Blow torch
Carpet dryer
Core drill….Electric….Inc 1mm core bit.
Drain cleaner manual..10 rods including auger bit and hand bit
Kango hammers 11kg
Bosch 11kg demo hammer
Wacker jackhammer / driil sds max 11w01
Hitachi hammer 15kg/h65
Large 30 kgs hilti te 3000 general demolition applications break up to 300mm concrete..Jack hammer
Bosch hammer 4kg week
Bosch hammer drill 4kg …………….. Drill and jackhammer……
Hilti 505 hammer
Bosch jackhammer only sds max b5551
Drill/hammer 5 kg sds max
Hilti 705 jack hammer
Hilti jackhammer only te 706 sds max demote706 1
Metal detector
Rightangle drill
240 volt small hand drill
Drill padestall
10″ drop saw makita
12″ drop saw metal cut off
Demo saw cut & break petrol diamond saw twin blade ,cuts to about 380mm depth
14″ demo saw include 1mm diamond blade out……….Mm in………Mm ***************************************only cut 2″depth *************************************…
14″ quick cut elec demo saw ..Back pac water*************************only cut 2″ depth at a time or you will burn out the drive belt********************************************
14 inch demolition saw -350mm (14in) electric dustless (dry cut) including vacuum cleaner – industrial
Heater space-incl gas
Magnetic drill
Mig welder
Gasless steel welding wire 0.8mm
Needle gun
Secret nail gun
Framing air nail gun 3 hires / week
T-nailer /nd bradder air nail gun 3 hires / week
….Coil decking nail gun…. Air x 3 days for 1 week
….Finish nail…. Gun air x 3 days for one week
…Framing gun… Air nail gun x 3 days for 1 week hire
Nibbler sheet metal cutter ideal for roofing and sheet metal work. Cutting capacities,,1.6mm mild steel,,1.2 stainless steel,,2.0mm aluminium,,2.6mm copper,, 0.8mm spiral duct.
Ramset gun nails 55mm/55c each.. 75mm/65c each.. 90mm/80c each
Oxy kit
Electric planer
Pop rivit gun air
Ramset drill
Rock drill (air) includes rock drill oiler
Rock drill steel 600mm to 1.2mtr
Ramset gun
Road saw 14″ walk behind petrol about 100mm cutting depth including 1mm diamond ware on blade cutting depth cutting depth 115mm
Road saw 16″ walk behind petrol 150mm cutting depth 1 mm ware included diamond blade cutting depth 145mm
Roof tile cutter
125mm random orbital sander
Sander belt3″
Sander belt 4″
Disc sander
Sander floor edger
Sander floor drum
Sander orbital
Sander random orbital
Sander palm
Hi presure spray gun
Straping machine includs two tools///////crimper/&/pulling tool..
Stud finder
Swage tool
Electric tile cutter 7 inch small
Tile master tile saw 10 inch
Tile saw 9″ d/blade
Tile tubbysaw 7″
Tri sander – diamond disc extra for grough removell
Wide chisel not to be used on hard concrete
Wall chaser
Petrol welder
130amp welder inc mask & gloves
170 amp welder
200amp petrol welder ..Incl two long welding leads
Tools description
Pick axe
Sledge hammer
Steel pipe cutter
3/4 inch socket set
Tri sander
Manual tile cutter
Tile cutter large 600mm
Tile master 9″ d/blade
950mm large tile saw
Torque wrench