We have a range of equipment to hire that can help with a range of jobs from electric winches, to paller trolleys, water hoses, heat lamps, car jacks, to piano trolleys. There is a tool at Oliver Hire to assist with every job.

Extraction fan 500mm
Extraction fan 300mm and ducting package
Extraction ducting only 300mm x 5mtr
Extraction fan 12″ and or 300mm
Small exhaust extraction fan 5 inch with ducting
Floor edger
30 ton floor jack
Flame thrower
Gantry 3 mtr large
2 kva silent generator
5 kva generator
8 kva generator
Hydraulic jack hammer + motor
Hydraulic car jack
Heat lamps (drying)
Hose water 15 mtr
Hydraulic swaging tool (heavey duty) {weight 45 kg}
Small hydraulic swaging tool {hydraulic crimping school} small
Ali I beam 3mtr long
I beam lifter
10 ton jack
20 ton jack hammer
Kiplop notching tool + turn down tool + turn up tool
Knee kicker
Road line marker
Piano trolley
Ramps steel
Reo rod bender & cutter
Sash clamps 2mtr
Block saw 20″ 3 phase
Brick saw
Sash clamp
Toe jack
Trailer 5×7 box..Please note customer: this trailer comes under the customers insurance…..Please sign that this is noted ………………………..
Car trolly jack
Twin motor ind vac
Electric winch
Perforater for wall paper steamer
Test bucket pressure