Our range of concentrate tools will assist you with any small or large concentrating job.
Our full range of mixers and tools will assist you with all concentrating jobs.

Bull float
Block splitter
Brick saw 14inch on stand
Husky brick saw for cutting of large pavers
Concrete vibrator wipper snipper type hand held// good for 300 to 400mm depth
Concrete drive unit only petrol or electric
Concrete vibrator incl drive unit..
Shaft for concrete vibrator
Concrete vibrator portable hand held unit -(wippersniper style vibrator)depth no more than 300 or 400mm for removing air out of concrete
Concrete scarifier petrol 8 inch includes ware on tungeston teeth ,first tank petrol free
Concrete scraper
Concrete flicker
Concrete hand trowell
Concrete screed
16″ demo saw in clude 1mm diamond blade out ……Mm in…..Mm **************************************only cut 2″ depth at a time or you will burn ou…
Demosaw trolley for 16″demo saw still only
Petrol drive unit & concrete vibrator
Screed concrete