Whether you’re into DIY or you’re a tradesperson, Oliver Hire has a range of trade specific tools to assist you in getting the job done. Our comprehensive range includes saws and cutters, grinders and sanders, cordless tools, corded tools, safety equipment and trade tools. We offer demolition tools, concreting and earth moving equipment, pumps, welding and plumbing tools. We carry tools for carpentry and painting, tarpaulins and extension leads. Our range is extensive, safety tested, and trusted by professionals.

Lrg bolt cutters
Blowpipe air
Crow bar
Cordless drill
Cutting hole as required
Carpet stretcher
9″ circular saw
14″ metal cut off saw ..
14″ metal cut off saw 1/2 day
Compound saw
Copper tube expander
Coppper tube expander-weekly rate
10mm & over drill bit
12mm & over drill bit
18mm & over drill bit if over 400mm
25mm & over drill bit if over 400mm long
Extenion for drill bit
Drill small bosch gbh 2-26 dfr and or drill gbh 2-24 dfr
Hammer drill normal-small
14″ dropsaw metal
14″ drop saw wood
7″ diamond saw elect (water)
Elect staple gun
Fibro cutter
Wood float
Gastorch small
Large tubo gas torch with regulator
Hole saw
Hand tools
Heat gun electric hot air
Hot air gun
Hot knife for cutting rope
Hand stapler
Shovel/pick/spade/rack/crow bar/madic
Impact air wrench
Jig saw
Lid lifter d handle
Log splitter
Mixing drill with paddle 1200 watt
Orbital sander
Pedstall drill
Post hole borer hand
Pinch bar
Pipe bender 1/2″ to 2″ manual
Pipe cutter
Hand pipethreader rigid including die
Pit lifter
Pop riveter air psi
Pop riveter large
Pop riveter small
Palm sander
Circular saw 7″
Dustless saw 7-1/4″ 60mm depth
Circular saw 9″
Cold cut saw for aluminium
Compound saw slide
Makita 10″ compound saw slid swivel drop
Drop saw 10″ wood
Drop saw 12″ wood
Drop saw 12″ metal
Drop saw 14 inch metal
Dry saw 12″ diamond
Jig saw
Jig saw blades
Sabre saw
Sabre saw blades
Wet saw 4″ diamond
Sawhorse ali
Saw horse wood
Circular saw 9 inch
Hand scraper
Turn down tool
Turn up tool