We offer a large range of landscaping and gardening tools. From basic equipment to suit the weekend handyman through to large earthmoving equipment, we’ve got a range to suit any purpose. See our selection of Landscaping tools below.

Brush cutter
Brush cutter 1/2 day
Elect chain saw
12” climbing chain saw
16″ petrol chain saw no discount on chain saws
20″ petrol chain saw no discount on chain saws
Chain saw on a stick telescopic >from 2.5 metres to 4metres > weight 6.8 kg >12” cutting bar no discount on chain saws
Dump level tripod & staff
Fertiliser spreader
Garden blower
Sledge hammer
Hedge trimmer on a pole
Hedge trimmer short one petrol power
Knapsack sprayer
Lawn airrater core petrol (self drives)
Lawn corer petrol (self drives)
Lawn leveler
Lawn roller
Lawn roller spike
Lawn edger
Leadstands day or week
Leaf blower
Petrol lawn mower
Lawn aerator – petrol
Plain lawn roller
Spiked lawn roller
Manaul post hole digger
Mulcher 2″
Plate compactor used to compact sand,soil or screening and preliminary compaction then bedding in paving blocks and bricks.
Post hole borer auger
Post hole borer ext
P[etrol lawn corer
Pole saw manaul
Pole pruner petrol on a stick
Pole pruner manual telescopic
Rotary hoe petrol
Rotary tiller hoe petrol
Saber saw
Seed spreader
Sledge hammer
Shovel scissors duck
Spit water
Turf cutter
Turf leveler
4000psi petrol gerni
4000psi petrol gerni 1/2 day
Whirley bird water blaster
wipper snipper
Stump grinder {} cutting hight: 350mm cutting depth: 350mm weight: 150kg length :1400mm width: 730mm 16 hpower